The Best Company Ever is an evolving creative and educational effort, that offers activities, curriculum, services and content for Early Childhood Education providers, as well as those who want to enhance the experience (with the children) in their lives.

HELLO!  And welcome!  Please allow me to introduce myself:  My name is Tya Writer.  I am a Lover-of-Life, a Teacher and a Student; with a passion for Early Childhood & Montessori Education, Yoga, Surfing and Nutrition. I am also the creator of The Best Company Ever.  If you are an Educator, a Student, a Parent, a Caregiver, or Fellow-Lover-of-Life; you’ve come to the right place!

All content on this site is offered free of charge, (although donations are very much appreciated).  


  • user-friendly (early childhood) educational printable lessons, curriculum and activities (Downloads);
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  • enlightening and uplifting words, images & videos (Blog);


  • on-site or remote services (Services);

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